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While planting coral at Pickles Reef, the Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition watch was worn.

The new Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition diver’s watch is on my wrist. It's the latest addition to the company's line of marine-conservation watches. The bezel's zero marker at the minute scale and the central seconds hand glow in vibrant orange. I was able to read for 15 minutes submerged. I am ready to go, checking the pressure gauge in my lefthand, which shows that there are 2,500 bar of air in this tank. We glide through the nursery gently with an "OK" signal.

breitling replica watches continues to support marine conservation with its unwavering support. Ulrich Herzog, breitling replica watches Chairman,replica breitling watches says that while the story of coral reefs around the world is shocking and tragic, it's not irreversible. We hope and believe that this partnership will show others that it is possible to make a difference, that this ecosystem can be saved, and that we must do so.


Since breitling replica watches' 2010 launch of the Great Barrier Reef No.1, seven additional limited-edition diving watches have been released, the most recent being the Hammerhead Limited Edition at Baselworld. Herzog says, "We started in 2010 to make changes and to be more aware of the environment." It's not through millions that we support the environment, but it's in ideas and connections. breitling replica watchesas is one company behind this. Asourmotto said, "We make realwatchesfor actualpeople."

Good Reef

We continue our journey to Pickles Reef by clambering onto Sea Star, our boat. Here we will be planting corals from the nursery. VJ Geronimo (breitling replica watches CEO North America),iwc replica watches answers my questions on board and tells me how they came to be partners with Nedimyer, the CRF, and others. "Sea Heroes has been running in North America for six years. This program recognizes people who do outstanding work to conserve the oceans. In 2014, Ken was named Sea Hero of the Year. That's how we started to work together.

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